I am Michael Stickler, I am currently looking for a position as a Junior/Trainee Technical Artist.

I trained as a VFX generalist, so I have a wide knowledge of VFX pipelines, I have also experimented in several game engines including Unity and Unreal 4. My projects over the past couple of years have been focused on pipeline tools written in Python, shader setups, character sculpting and rigging. I have also spent most of 2019 teaching Various topics, including Python, games development, VFX and animation.

Black hole, gravitational lensing project
Piedra Sola film
Game of Ur in Maya
HumanIK to joints script
Copy sdks script
Cassus character sculpt
Chicane character sculpt

Skeleton Factory

My main project at the moment is a modular rigging toolset I have given the temporary name “Skeleton factory”. It works by assigning each discrete action you can make while building a rig to an “operation”. These operations can be things such as IK systems, Constraints, SDKs etc. The operations can then be connected together in a node based workflow, then saved as a single, new operation that contains all of the other operations. This new operation can now be loaded into other rigs. With this system you can for example create an IK/FK blend operation by combining an IK operation, FK operation and a blend operation, then saving it. From now on, you can simply load in this blend IK/FK operation into any rig as much as you want, wherever needed.

It is currently still in development.